Special Pricing for Roofers & Shingle Disposal

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Starting at $5.20 per bundle  (includes dump fees!)

Our go anywhere compact bins and unique  trailer delivery system were designed to make your job easier.

5 Yard Bin: For up to 50 Bundles of Shingles - All you pay is$5.79 per bundle  +HST

10 Yard Bin:  For 50 - 80 Bundles of Shingles - All you pay is $5.29 per bundle   +HST

Multiple Bins / dump runs available for larger jobs - you still pay per bundle ($15-$25 fuel surcharge may apply for certain locations)

All inclusive rental with same day delivery and pickup available

We charge based on how many bundles you're putting on / taking off

Make your estimates easier by knowing exactly what you'll be paying for your waste removal in advance!