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Sample of our Rental Agreement

Red-E-Bins Rentals Inc. will supply and place the Bin for The Customer, ____________________________________,

at the address ________________________________________________________________________  for only the specified uses of: disposal of solid, non-hazardous waste and/or disposal of landscape materials, for the term of this agreement.

The Customer agrees to pay ____________________ plus any applicable taxes to Red-E-Bins Rentals Inc. prior to or at the time of delivery.  All bin rentals are for a period of up to 3 days from time of drop off.  If extra days are required, they are available at $18 per day.  The Customer agrees to contact Red-E-Bins to confirm in advance for extra day rental availability. 

If The Customer requires the Bin to be emptied and returned to the site, an additional rental fee will be charged.  This fee would be equal to the initial rental fee and will add an extra 3 days to the included rental period.
Once Red-E-Bins has placed your bin at your site please don't attempt to move it.  This includes with bobcats, backhoes, lifts etc. Any damage resulting from unauthorized moving of the Bin will be charged to The Customer.

 Payment in full is required before or at the time of Bin delivery. If extra days or multiple pick ups are required, these charges can be paid at the time of the request for the extra services.

Placement of your Bin 
It is recommended that bins be placed on a hard, level surface with clear access for the trailer to drop and retrieve the Bin.  Bins can not be placed near overhead wires, or in other dangerous situations. We recommend dropping the bin on a driveway. If The Customer requires the bin be placed on the grass Red-e-bins is not responsible for any damage that occurs.  Some compression of the grass is normal, and generally recovers quickly.

Important Information:  Never let your load get higher than level with the top of the Bin, extra charges may apply for bins that are overloaded.

Accepted Materials

  • Furniture, Carpet, Flooring, Roofing Materials, Insulation, Fencing, Pallets, Plywood, Plastic
  • Plumbing, Styrofoam, Paper & Cardboard, Wood, Wiring, Miscellaneous Junk
  • Chairs, Lamps, Lawn & Garden Furniture & Tools, Bicycles & Exercise Equipment
  • Electronics, Appliances and Metal of all types.
  • Small Engine Machines, Car Parts & Batteries
  • Yard Waste, Clean Fill

Un-Accepted Materials

  • Hazardous Waste, Non-Clean Fill
  • Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Any Liquid (Paint, Tar, Caulk, Fuel etc.)
  • Fuel Tanks

By way of signature, The Customer acknowledges receipt of and agrees to the Terms and Conditions within this Bin Rental Service Agreement.

 (Customer Signature)] X________________________________________________                X_________________________________________

 (Print Name)] ___________________________________ (“The Customer”)                           Red-E-Bins Rentals Inc. (Red-E-Bins Southwestern Ontario)